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Summit Colorado Interfaith Council works with diverse community partners to create dialogue and action to address human needs.

Unsheltered in Summit

Summit County and the Good Bridge Organization launched a program, allowing individuals living in their cars to use a safe parking lot each night. 

Participants in the program are required to follow a strict set of stipulations in order to maintain their permits. Before joining, individuals must fill out a questionnaire, including place of employment and a personal history. Participants also must agree to a set code of conduct, which includes rules preventing fighting, littering, camping and more. There is also a small monthly fee involved. 

!! Volunteer Needed !!

The job of “Port of Entry” volunteer is growing too big for just one person to handle so we are looking for someone with a background or just an interest in something like education, psychology, nursing, social work, pastoral care, etc., who could work with our current volunteer to screen and interview prospective clients for the Parking Program.   We have all the materials needed to do the job, and our current volunteer coordinators will work with you to get started.  Please read the accompanying “Port of Entry Responsibilities/Procedures” document for details.   THANK YOU for considering this important program!


45 Gingerquill

Dillon, CO. 80435

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