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Make Everyday Earth Day!\



Activities for Any and Every Day!

Take a walk! Breathe Deeply! Paint a Sunset! Thank a Tree (for giving us oxygen)!

       “No one can do everything but everyone can do something” Max Lucado

See for more quotes about our Environment

 SAVE THE SEA TURTLE Reusable lunch/ tote bags stenciled with a Sea Turtle to be painted and personalized by children to help remember to take reusable bags when shopping.  

Why the Sea turtle? Many of our single use plastic bags end up in the ocean.  The Sea Turtle sees the plastic as a Jellyfish and eats it and then dies.  Thanks to Summit County Interfaith Council and to Natural Grocers for the reusable lunch/shopping bags. (  for more information)

Thank you to Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers Logo 01

Recycle:  HC3 for recycling and for the zero food waste in the trash campaign Sign up today! (doubled in 2020 and hope to double again in 2021)  

Thank you to HC3 for the zero food waste in the trash campaign

 Sign up today! Sign-Up

(doubled in 2020 and hope to double again in 2021) 

Food Scraps .... What to do?

click to find out

High Country Conservation Center

Thank you to 

Zero Waste/Minimal Impact

Jenny Hammock, a Zero Waste supplier, (housed in Alpine Gardens), for products that help create less waste, are non-toxic and are human and water “friendly”

Video Minimal Impact

Minimal Impact Lifestyle

Small group readings at the Elementary Schools of Summit County.

Earth Day Birth Day 

by Maureen Wright


Thank you to Rotary Literacy committee

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