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Summit Colorado Interfaith Council strives to promote conversation among the people of Summit County around issues calling for a response to human needs.

June 2019

September 2019

White Right: Meeting the Enemy

This film is directed by Deeyah Khan, documentary film director and human rights activist. Khan, is Norwegian and of Punjabi/Pashtun descent. She now lives in London. The film focuses on trying to understand the hatred and violent ideology of Neo-Nazis and white nationalists. See the trailer at

A compelling documentary. The film will be followed by small group discussion.

June 2018

The Great Divide (2015)

Tens of millions of people, billions of dollars of agricultural production, and an enormous amount of economic activity across a vast swath of America from California to the Mississippi River are all dependent on rivers born in the mountains of Colorado. Citizens must understand the environmental, economic, and political impacts of decisions about water. Discussion with Troy Wineland, Blue River Water Commissioner, followed the film.

July 2018

Gunned Down : The Power of the NRA (2015)

Produced by Frontline, this documentary investigates how the National Rifle Association uses its unrivaled political power to stop gun regulation in America. Followed by discussion with panel: Maddie King, student, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Tom Mauser, Denver, and Bruce Brown, DA, Colorado Fifth Judicial District which includes Summit County.

August 2018 Bullied.png

August 2018

Bullied (2018)

2.1 million children are bullied every year. 4,400 of those high-school students commit suicide. Every day, 160,000 students stay home from school for fear of being bullied. To fight this global crisis, this film brought together teachers, legislators, the bullied victims, and the bullies themselves. Victims of bullying often do not know where to turn. This film is their chance to be heard. Followed by discussion with panel.

September 2018 Straws & Plastic is Forev

September 2018

Plastic is Forever (2017

An in-depth look at plastic pollution from a kid’s perspective, and what kids can do to solve the problem.


Straws (2017)

This is a short documentary about plastic straw litter and how we can make a sea of straw at a time

Followed by discussion with panel.

June 2017

Beyond Our Differences (2008)

With all of the problems facing the world today— war, poverty, weapons, environmental degradation, starvation, overpopulation…—people are longing for meaning. This documentary calls upon … key religious leaders, politicians, and luminaries in their fields to tackle the toughest and most complex issues in the modern age, and asks what inspires them to affect positive change. Followed by discussion with panel.

July 2017 Entre Nos.png

July 2017

Entre Nos (2009)

Mariana moves her two children from Colombia to Queens, New York, to be reunited with her husband, only to be abandoned after two short weeks. With few options, she turns to the city’s trash to feed her children and it is during these heartbreaking moments that the family triumphs. Followed by discussion with panel.

August 2017 Truth to Power.png

August 2017

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017)

Premiere at Skyline Cinema, Dillon CO.


Profiles Al Gore’s ongoing work that was profiled in the first film. Followed by discussion with panel. Because of the cost of showing the film, tickets were sold at $7 each. About 250 people attended, our largest event.

September 2017 Chasing the Dragon.png

September 2017

Chasing the Dragon: The life of an Opiate Addict (2016)

Produced by the FBI and the DEA, this film features stark first person accounts told by people who have abused opioids or whose children have done so with tragic consequences. Followed by discussion with panel.

June 2016

The Overnighters (2014)

Chasing the American dream, thousands of workers flock to a North Dakota town where the oil business is booming. But instead of well-paying jobs, many find slim work prospects and a severe housing shortage. Pastor Jay Reinke converts his church into a makeshift dorm and counseling center, allowing 100s of men …to stay despite the congregation’s objections and neighbors’ fears.

July 2016 Making a Killing.png

July 2016

Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and the NRA (2016)

Tells the stories of how guns, and the billions made off of them, affect the lives of everyday Americans. It features personal stories from people across the country who have been affected by gun violence, including survivors and victims’ families.


August 2016 Don't Tell Anyone.png

August 2016

Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) (2015)

This documentary follows immigrant activist Angy Rivera from poverty in rural Columbia to being undocumented in America and a victim of sexual abuse.

September 2016 Healthcare.png

September 2016

Health Care in Crisis: Is ColoradoCare (Amendment 69) the Answer?

Film clips and discussion about rising healthcare costs in Colorado.



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